How Much is a Website?

A bit like the question "How long is a piece of string", there is no simple answer.

Here are some key factors to consider when planning a website:

  1. What is the budget?
  2. Who is the audience?
  3. What is the timescale?
  4. What is the sites focus?

What your eye visually sees on any website, is not necessarily a good indicator of how long it took to build. Quite often the site will be running many technologies at once, to display what looks like a simple page. These technologies alone take time to develop and install. In a similar way, the text, graphics, videos and logos, etc., that make up the visual content also need a lot of work to design and produce.

The reason we ask about your budget is so we can plan the very best site for your needs, within the budget you set. For example, there is no point having a video on your site when budgets are tight, as this could eat up the lion share of the cost before you have actually added any other content.


Some suppliers will try and sell you all kinds of things for your website that you might not need, either at the start or even years later. We will discuss your requirements first and only suggest functionality and content that we think will be right for you and your business.

What's Your Business?

Here are a few samples of business types that may require a website. Does one of these describe your business?

Sole Trader

You are a sole trader who needs an online presence so that your business details can be easily found with a quick google search. You have a limited initial budget, but see your site growing in the future. You don't need to sell products online but you may want to take payments for your services.

Sole Trader + Products

You are a sole trader who needs an online presence and has physical products that you want to sell online and ship to customers as part of your service. You have an established client base so do not need SEO as a priority.

Serviced Based Company

You are a small to medium sized company with employees. You are in a serviced based industry and need a professional looking site that not only shows who you are, but also displays your work practices and your ethos. You might need to take payments for services.

Products Based Company

You are a small to medium sized company with employees. You are in a retail based industry so selling your products online is a priority. You need a full online shop with sales tracking, customer database, terms of service, delivery tracking, etc. You need to be able to add, delete and amend products daily. You need to be able to take online payments through PayPal or credit card processing.

Guide Prices

We understand you need some idea of the cost involved in creating and maintaining a website, so have supplied these guide prices. Please do get in touch if you require an accurate estimate.

One Page - 'Business Card' Site
The 'One Page' site contains your business contact details, a google map and a short bio. This is a simple site to get you onto the web.
Guide Price £250 to £500 + Monthly Hosting

Five Page - 'Standard' Business Site
This site would typically contain the following pages:
Home, About Us, Contact Us, Services, Testimonials.
The pages can be changed to suite your needs.
Guide Price £750 to £1,500 + Monthly Hosting

Multi Page - 'Extended' Business Site
This site is based on the 'Standard' package, with the addition of a Blog, Image Gallery, Google Map, Newsletter Signup, Social Media Integration.
Guide Price 2,500 to £4,500 + Monthly Hosting

Build on our standard CMS platform, all sites can be expanded later as required. Prices are based on using a ‘stock theme' which would be colour styled to your choice.

The following features are included on all sites:

  • Google Analytics to track visitors
  • Secure site backup
  • Content Managed System
  • Mobile/Tablet Responsive
  • Domain Setup